Clarks Run Environmental Education Corporation (CREEC)

'Protecting and Enhancing Clark's Run as a Community Resource for Boyle County'

CREEC works to restore, protect, and celebrate the historic waterway of Clark's Run in Boyle County. We help by monitoring water quality in the stream, sponsor creek clean-up events, organize efforts for a public trail along the creek corridor, provide environmental education including sponsoring Danville's Earth Day celebration, and partner with numerous groups and citizens helping to improve our community.

Building Trails and Improving Habitat

A Leader in Local Trail Development

CREEC is a leader in developing a public trail system in Danville, including the trail constructed along Clark's Run in 1998.  The community's Master Trails and Greenway Plan calls for trails to connect to natural areas and facilitate more biking and walking within Danville.  CREEC continues to be a local advocate and provide expertise to Danville's growing movement to create more non-motorized trails.  

CREEC's work to create pedestrian trails along Clark's Run results follows the direction provided by the City leadership, as reflected in this plan for trails in Danville.   To see a map of the trail along Clark's Run you can click here.  CREEC continues to partner with local government to increase funding for local trails, such as regarding a large Safe Routes To School grant. 

CREEC will continue to partner with others in the community to advocate for additional trails in Danville, to increase connectivity of our trail system, and to help provide safe pedestrian access along Clark's Run.

Improving Habitat for People & the Environment

CREEC also works to improve the watershed and riparian corridor of Clark's Run by planting trees and removing non-native invasive species along the creek.  CREEC partners with groups such as Centre College's Governor's Scholars program and local school groups to plant native trees along the creek to improve habitat and provide shade along the trail.