Clarks Run Environmental Education Corporation (CREEC)

'Protecting and Enhancing Clark's Run as a Community Resource for Boyle County'

CREEC works to restore, protect, and celebrate the historic waterway of Clark's Run in Boyle County. We help by monitoring water quality in the stream, sponsor creek clean-up events, organize efforts for a public trail along the creek corridor, provide environmental education including sponsoring Danville's Earth Day celebration, and partner with numerous groups and citizens helping to improve our community.

Clark's Run Environmental Education Corporation

Local, Efficient, Effective

Clark's Run Environmental Education Corporation (CREEC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing Clark's Run as a community resource for Boyle County.  CREEC is an all-volunteer organization that formed in 2005 to improve the Clark's Run watershed by enhancing water quality and educating the public. 

CREEC has been recognized numerous times by the Kentucky Environment Quality Commission for our efforts to improve water quality in Clark's Run including receiving the Earth Day Award in 2006 and 1996.  We were also awarded the Bluegrass PRIDE Award and grant in 2004 for our Reforestation project along Clark's Run, and we were given a Promise Environmental Award by Anheuser Busch in 1997.

CREEC is supported by the public through donations and is governed by an all-volunteer local Board of Directors.  Our current Board of Directors:

  • Preston Miles, Board Chair
    • Chemistry Professor, Centre College
  • Malissa McAlister, Vice Chair
    • Coordinator of watershed efforts in Kentucky River Basin
  • Rose-Marie Roesler, Treasurer
    • Director of biology laboratories, Centre College
  • Mark Galatowitsch, Secretary
    • Assistant Professor of Biology, Centre College
  • Mike Teterick
    • Science Teacher, Boyle County Middle School
  • David Royalty
    • Resident of Danville
  • Rachel White
    • Housing Authority of Danville
  • Ann Young
    • Director of Student Life at Centre College
  • Jamie Hester
    • Biology Teacher, Boyle County High School